Wire Fox Terriers

Foxburrow Kennels Perm. Reg'd

R.R. #1 Erin Ontario, Canada. NOB 1T0

Wire's From Years Past

We try to place some of our older dogs to homes when they have finished producing or siring litters for us. Sometimes our girls may have one or two litters and if we keep a little one, we try try to place "mum" into a retirement home where she will be well cared for.

It is always a hard decision to make but over the years we have found the dogs settle into their new homes beautifully.

They are excellent companions for seniors because of their outgoing ways and zest for life. Of course a big plus is that the dogs are already trained!

The "Boys" settle very well too and are just the same in nature as the girls. Easy going and friendly. All are spayed or neutered before they leave us.

Below are some more photos of our contented retired dogs

Resting after a long day




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