Wire Fox Terriers

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R.R. #1 Erin Ontario, Canada. NOB 1T0

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies

To see a Wire Fox Puppy for the first time is an experience you will never forget. They always remind us of little bundles of fluff made with mischief in their eyes. Our puppies are born in our home and raised with the family. We usually have a "Grandma" dog puttering about and she will visit the puppies from time to time, just to keep her eyes on them.

We will only sell puppies to owners who will spend the time and care to nurture them as we would ourselves. We like them to be protected by having a fenced yard, and walked on leash at all times. There should always be someone there during the training period, certainly not away all day. If the little puppy is left to it's own devices, it will get into mischief because of boredom. We like to see a crate used to protect the little one from household dangers . It certainly can save a lot of expense in the long run.

Our puppies are always checked by a vet for health, microchipped, de-wormed, registered, and come with a written guarantee at the time of purchase. Of course if the puppy for some reason does not suit the owner "Foxburrow" will take it back.


At 3 days old.

If mom has an extraordinary large litter, we step in and lend a helping bottle!

5 weeks old

Time to go outside, see the big world, investigate leaves, grass, tasting these new things. Wondering what is that? strange noises and sounds.

8 weeks old

Puppies of this age have been inspected by our vet, have had their needles, been wormed and microchipped. Weaned from their Mother almost ready to go to new homes.

About 1 yr old

At this age, still a puppy and needing supervision by owners to behave in the house. After all shoes and many other items are not toys. Puppy has his own toy box with balls, squeakies, things of his own to kill and shake.

About 18 months old

See how he has grown up, yet still looks like a young puppy? He loves toys, balls and hunting, usually can outrun any squirrel but doesn’t often catch it.



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