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Wire Fox Terrier Grooming Instructions



Equipment you will need:

Oster A5 electric clipper
#7 blade
#10 blade
Slicker Brush
Steel Comb
Medicated ear powder
Nail Clippers.
Scissors and
Thinning Shears

A grooming table can be bought for holding your dog in one place. However some people manage nicely with a counter top, a rubber mat and a leash to get started.


1. Clean out the ear by dusting the inside with medicated ear powder. Gently pull any dead hair inside the ear. (This will prevent ear infections)
2. Trim your dogs toe nails being careful not to cut too close. Remove only the tips (the white part)
3. Brush out the coat with a good quality slicker brush. Then comb through to remove any tangles.
4. Bath him and let him dry.

Step #2

1. Clipper the hair from the stomach area with a # 10 blade. Clipper the hair from the rectum to within one inch then use scissors around the actual rectum area. Never use clippers here.
2. Clear the hair from the insides of the feet with scissors.
3. Using a #7 blade, clip from the base of the skull, down the back to the base of the tail. Clipper the tail.
4. Clipper down the sides of the neck, shoulder, body and flank, over the hip line to the hind legs. Clipper the back of the hind legs.
5. Clipper down the chest area and shoulder front (watch how the hair grows here and follow the contour)
6. Change to a #10 blade
7. Comb the hair on the face forward and carefully clipper from one quarter of an inch behind the outside of his eye to the base of the skull. (Top part of face)
8. Clipper the hair from the outside corner of his eye to the base of his ear. Then clipper down the cheek from the corner of his eye.
9. Clipper the ears clean on both sides of each ear. (Be careful not to nick the skin and small flaps on the insides of the outer edges of the ears)
10. Tidy up the edges of the ears with a pair of scissors.
11. Comb the eyebrows forward and then scissor the excess hair between the brows, creating a “V”
12. Scissor the eyebrows from the outside corner to the centre to create a triangular appearance
13. Tidy up the beard with thinning shears.
14. With thinning shears tidy up the contour of the body.
15. Tidy the legs with thinning shears blending the hip into the leg and the front into the chest and elbows. Legs should be cylinder shaped.
16. Scissor around the feet to give your dog a neat appearance.

By grooming your own pet you can save quite a lot of money. Pets love their owners to keep them looking neat and tidy. If you are consistent with the grooming you also will begin to enjoy the close contact with your pet.

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