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About Wire Fox Terriers

"At present there is no agreement on the actual date of origin of the Wire Fox Terrier. The oldest recorded description dates circa the mid-1400's In France, but the actual place of origin is the British Isles.

The Wire Fox Terrier was known by such names in the beginning as the "Rough-Haired Terrier", later, as the Wire-Haired Terrier, and

eventually by its' present name. The most famous of the original Wire Fox Terrier's was Kendal's Old Tip, whelped in 1866, the first authentically recorded wire-haired terrier. He was mostly white, a desirable trait in a terrier, with one marked ear, and sixteen pounds in weight. Old Tip, mated to a Smooth bitch, produced Pincher, who in turn produced Old Jester, the sire of Young Jester. Mated to his own grand-daughter, Meg II, Young Jester. produced Knavesmire Jest, who also produced great offspring. However, Young Jester's claim to fame was his mating to the Smooth bitch, Meersbrook Crissy, which resulted in Meersbrook Bristles (whelped in 1892), whose genes can be found in innumerable Wire Fox Terriers to this day.

Continued cross-breeding between Wires and Smooths continued until the turn of the century (the commencement of the 1900's), when it was dropped. Progress came from selective line-breeding wholly within the Wire variety. In 1906, Comedian of Notts was whelped, and from his type evolved the modern Wire Fox Terrier.

From Britain to North America, the Wire Fox Terrier attracted considerable following. The first Wire to America was Tyke (whelped in 1879) from the Carrick Kennels. The first registered Wire with the American Kennel Club was Braxten Virago (whelped in 1885), owned by R.W. Dean of Oakville, Ontario. In 1899, Meersbrook Bristles was brought to America by Charles Keyes of Boston.

In Canada, between the years 1888-1889, there were, to date 14 Wire Fox Terriers registered (in contrast to 180 Smooths). Today the greater proportions favour the Wire Fox Terrier.

In 1938-1939, the Canadian Kennel Club Stud Book listed approximately 900 Wire Fox Terriers."

"Origin of the Wire Fox Terrier", Wire Fox Terrier Club of Canada brochure



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