Wire Fox Terriers

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R.R. #1 Erin Ontario, Canada. NOB 1T0

A 3 Day Old Wire Fox Terrier Puppy

Babies of this age weigh about 8ozs, and are born blind and deaf.
(In the natural world the puppies would have been born in a burrow in the earth. The dirt of the soil would not get into eyes or ears because all are sealed.)
When they start moving about in the whelping bed area ears open, the flaps close over and the eyes unseal. This begins at about 10-14 days of age.)
Sometimes a baby is born that is not doing too well in the nursery department of our home. Bigger babies push the small ones to one side and we have to encourage the tiny one to develop it’s jaws and sucking enough to enable it to hang on to the mother’s nipple tightly. By bottle feeding we can be sure puppy is getting enough milk and the nutrition needed to develop properly. A human baby’s bottle with a preemie nipple is just the thing for a baby puppy to catch up, becoming stronger by the day. Sometimes these pups will overtake their litter mates in just a day or so with their weight gain. After a bottle feeding the babies are burped, returned to their Mother for her to attend to. For the weaker puppy we sometimes take the strong, bigger ones out of the whelping box so that the tiny ones have their time to nurse without being pushed off . This works well. Always we are there to supervise to be sure that all puppies get enough milk.

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