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Wire Fox Terriers

Foxburrow Kennels Perm. Reg'd

R.R. #1 Erin Ontario, Canada. NOB 1T0

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About Foxburrow Kennels

Ann & Louis (Robin) Gold became owners of their first Wire Fox Terrier Puppy, Sally in 1978. She became our family pet and was a great favourite with our two boys Tim & Jeremy. She was smart, had a lot of character, and could outsmart the boys in baseball and soccer, trying her best to pick up any ball of any size.
After one year, we decided that we would get another dog, a female named Janet. She was so different. Where Sally was a tomboy, Janet was a true blue lady. It was very much beneath her to race around after balls and with her breeding she certainly would not come to her owners if she didn't want to. She did have one vice however, squirrels! She could run like the wind and rarely did she miss an opportunity to hunt them out.

By then we were hooked on the breed and with these two girls, we founded our kennel. "Foxburrow" was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 1979.

We have a small kennel with usually between six and eight dogs. All of them are house trained and spend a lot of time in the house. They are also very happy to spend time in the kennel outside with indoor/outdoor runs in which they may come and go as they please.

In the winter the kennel is heated and with their music on the radio and lots of toys inside they lead a very happy life. All our puppies live in the house.

Showing our dogs has became a way of life at Foxburrow. We are always either taking the young pups to training classes, taking them to the local town to get them used to different sounds, enticing meeting people and children, and other dogs being walked down the streets. They became great visitors to Kindergarten classes, where young puppies are always welcome.

All our dogs are happy, outgoing healthy specimens of the breed, and we at Foxburrow Kennels are proud to call them ours.

We are founding members of the Wire Fox Terrier Club Of Canada, long standing members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Life Members of the Terrier Breeders Association Of Canada, and members of the Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States.

Showing dogs in Canada and The U.S. to their Championships.



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